The General Maintenance Products brand of specialty chemicals provides chemical solutions for buildings and equipment. Includes industrial, janitorial, ground chemicals, equipment and supplies.


Premium lubricants that provide longer run times with less down time and extended equipment life. All types of industrial greases and oils, penetrants, lubricants, food processing and metal working fluids. 


Comprehensive services for water chemistry of boilers, cooling towers, portable and waste water systems. Certified Water Technologist (CWT) on staff. Site visits for analysis and surveys available.


If it lights, we carry it! All light types including LED, linear fluorescent, CFL’s, HID’s, fixtures, ballast and many more items. Energy analysis available for upgrades of all lighting systems to qualify for energy rebates. 

About Us & What We Do

General Products & Supply, Inc. is the parent company of four different, but related, operating divisions. 

The GMP division offers chemical solutions for facility and equipment maintenance problems. We focus on preventive maintenance for buildings and equipment.

The EML Engineered Maintenance Lubricants division provides a complete line of specialty lubricants including greases, gear lubes, industrial oils, compress oils, hydraulic oils, engine oils, synthetic and non-synthetic cutting oils and fluids, in addition to fuel additives for diesel and combustion engines. 

The Adena Technologies division offers a complete line of water treatment chemicals to maintain proper water chemistry for boilers, cooling towers, hot & cold closed loop systems, and water treatment plants. 

The LPS Lighting Products & Solutions division offers any type of lighting source from small miniature lamps to large LED high-bay industrial fixtures. “If it lights, we carry it.” We focus on energy efficient light sources, offer complete energy audits, and will complete the necessary paperwork for rebate applications to the utility companies.

A Case Study

The Challenge: Large facilities that house and feed over 1,000 individuals with a staff of an additional 1,000 that operate 24/7. The challenges are that this type of facility must house and feed these individuals 365 days a year. They generate an extreme amount of organic waste in their personal living facilities including shower areas, but especially in their cafeteria and kitchen areas where large amounts of food waste are funneled down drains that lead to Grease Traps.  

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The Challenge: Extreme snow and ice conditions as a result of a Polar Vortex during an unusually harsh winter season. Many facility managers had problems keeping their roadways, sidewalks and dock areas cleared of ice & snow during these types of conditions.

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