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  • Anti Corrode II
    Anti corrode battery cleaner and protector. Provides a one step solution to battery terminal corrosion removal and acid neutralization. Powerful, heavy duty foam clings to battery surfaces. Helps eliminate power leaks and aids in restoring full starting power. (12 per case)
  • Auto Glide +
    Automotive lubricant. Reduces friction, squeaks, binding and sticking. This thick viscosity, heavy duty silicone can be used on doors, trunks and windows. (H1)
  • Auto Glow
    A unique aerosol polish for automobile, truck and marine finishes. This polish produces a deep, lustrous shine that will not harm the finest finish. Protects with Carnauba wax and DuPont Teflon. Makes waxing fast and easy; simply spray on, allow product to haze, and buff to a high-gloss durable finish. (12 per case)
  • Auto Sanding Primer
    Professional grade primer specifically formulated to meet the performance needs of body shop personnel. This primer adheres extremely well to bare metal surfaces. Excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Available in two colors. (6 per case)
  • Carb-O-Kleen II
    This carburetor & automatic choke cleaner uses a high power blasting action plus a special blend of high strength solvents which quickly remove harmful deposits from internal chamber areas. This in turn, restores the power, economy, and performance of the combustion engine. (12 per case)
  • Degreaseall L-VOC
    Fast drying brake and parts cleaner. Heavy duty, non-chlorinated formula that removes brake fluid, grease, oil, dust and operating erosion from brake parts, pads, discs, linings and drums. For use on all types of brake assemblies.
  • Degreaseall Plus
    Residue-free brake & parts cleaner. This non-flammable, high solvency cleaner safely removes contaminants which cause brake wear, annoying squeals and chatter. For use on all types of brake assemblies. Works quickly without the need to disassemble the brake unit. (12 per case)
  • Dehydrolube
    Moisture displacer, lubricant, and corrosion preventer. For use on electrical equipment such as contact points and automotive distributors, machinery parts, guns and equipment. (12 per case)
  • Fast Start
    Cold-weather starting ether. Starts diesel and gasoline engines quickly. Works in damp weather and temperatures down to -60 degrees fahrenheit. Cleans and lubricates upper cylinder and combustion chambers. (12 per case)
  • Gall Stop
    Three products in one: high temp anti-seize, premium quality lubricant, and protective coating for service in highly corrosive elements. Temperature range of -60 to 2000 degrees fahrenheit. (H2) (12 per case)
  • Koil Foam
    Foaming coil cleaner. Removes dirt, lint, and grease from air conditioner and heater coil fins. Portable aerosol features a strong directional spray which helps force foam into coil air spaces. Water-based foam creates no harsh vapors and leaves a fresh natural scent. (12 per case)
  • Lith-A-White
    White lithium grease. Use on bearings, slides, rollers, chains, small gears, linkages, hinges, tools, cranks, sprockets and over-head tracks. Heat resistant to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Sprays liquid-air, which cures to a thick grease. Resistant to water washout and prevents rust and corrosion. (12 per case)
  • Lustre Shine
    Clear acrylic coating provides your automobile a water-resistant high gloss shine. Restores vinyl, paint, leather, plastic, metal and more. Fast drying, non-greasy formula with no wiping required. Pleasant scent. (12 per case)
  • New Generation Safety Solvent II
    An advanced, non-chlorinated solvent degreaser. It has 3-way action: cleans, restores, and protects. It's also an excellent contact and circuit board cleaner for removing flux and ionic residues after soldering. (12 per case)
  • Orangsol In-A-Can
    Powerful, citrus solvent that easily removes grease, grime and oils in the convenience of an aerosol. Use this for your toughest, greasy, grimy jobs. (12 per case)
  • Penelube
    Lubricant that penetrates and loosens frozen nuts and bolts. Leaves a long lasting lubricating film which defends against future corrosion. Contains Molybdenum disulfide and tetrafluoroethylene particles for added pressure and wear resistance. (12 per case)
  • Power Up
    Belt dressing. Specially designed formulation that stops belts from slipping, adds more power, eases strain on bearings and bushings and stops squealing. This belt dressing works particularly well on leather, rubber, canvas and fabric belts. The results are quick and economical. (P1) (12 per case)
  • Quick Thaw
    Lock and windshield de-icer. Effective at extremely low temperatures. This is our Liquitherm liquid ice melter in an aerosol form. (C1) (12 per case)
  • Road Guard
    Automotive undercoating and sound deadener. Provides a super thick, black, durable, flexible, rubberized film, which seals and acoustically reduces unwanted vibration and sound. Protects metal parts against the harmful effects of water, salt, sand, and road chemicals. (12 per case)
  • Strip Off II
    Clinging paint stripper and decal remover. Its extra heavy-duty formula and powerful clinging gel blisters paint, lacquer, enamel, varnish, shellac, acrylic, decals and other coated finishes. Blistered paint can be easily scraped or flushed away with water. (12 per case)
  • Sure Lube
    Multi-purpose lubricant that sprays out of the can as a thin, penetrating liquid and quickly becomes a thick, red grease capable of clinging to vertical surfaces. Additives provide superior adhesive, cohesive, extreme pressure and cushioning properties. (12 per case)
  • Tech Coat In-A-Can
    Release coating for snowplows, shovels and truck beds. Treated surfaces become water and rust resistant. The coating's superior release action and lubrication reduces drag and sticking of many materials to metal and other surfaces. (12 per case)
  • Zink-Kote
    Pure zinc primer and base coat. Protects iron, steel or aluminum from corrosion when exposed to weather or otherwise corrosive conditions. If required, this product may be painted over. (P1) (12 per case)