Bench Products

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  • C.I.V.
    Clear insulating varnish. Creates a tough, flexible coating that protects exposed wires. Its dielectric strength and special chemical resistant properties assure maximum insulation. It is fast drying and has excellent moisture, oil, alkali, and chemical resistance. (12 per case)
  • C.T.R.
    Ceiling tile restorer. Restores stained and discolored tile to a like-new condition. Eliminates the need for costly ceiling tile replacement. Excellent for both smooth and rough surfaces. Coating is nonflammable when dry and will not change the fire rating of the tile. (12 per case)
  • Expanding Insul Foam
    Foam insulation 3:1 expansion. A unique one part urethane foam which expands as it dries and solidifies. Fills cracks and holes that caulk cannot. Sprays as a liquid, then expands and cures to a durable semi-rigid closed cell foam insulation. Forms a water resistant, weather resistant and airtight bond. (6 per case)
  • Hand and Body Shield
    Shields skin against damage cause by harsh chemicals, paints and dyes, resins, epoxies, fiberglass fibers, ink and other forms of dirt and grime. Allows skin to flex and breathe and helps reduce under glove perspiration. Protects against reactions from latex sensitivity. Contains Lanolin and Aloe Vera. (E4) (12 per case)
  • Koil Foam
    Foaming coil cleaner. Removes dirt, lint, and grease from air conditioner and heater coil fins. Portable aerosol features a strong directional spray which helps force foam into coil air spaces. Water-based foam creates no harsh vapors and leaves a fresh natural scent. (12 per case)
  • Kool Kut II
    Cutting and tapping fluid. Contains a special blend of synthetic oils and thickening agents that remain on the cutting bit even under extreme pressure. Keeps operating temperatures cool. Protects from rust and corrosion. (12 per case)
  • Metal Parts Protector
    Flexible coating that protects metal from corrosion. Long-term, flexible, non-tacky, dust resistant coating that will not crack, peel, flake, or chip over a wide temperature range from -40 to +175 degrees fahrenheit. Adheres to most clean metal surfaces. (12 per case)
  • No Sweat
    Cold pipe insulation. Prevents condensation, insulates and prevents moisture build-up. Dries quickly to a clean, white insulation which is nonflammable when dry. Excellent for repairing or for use in conjunction with wrap around, sleeve or foam type insulation. (12 per case)
  • Quick Gasket Black
    Hi-temperature silicone gasket maker. Forms gaskets in place for oil and transmission pans, oil and water pumps, valve and timing chain covers, gear boxes, compressors, machine covers, and electric motors and electrical control boxes. (6 per case)
  • Quick Gasket Red
    Industrial strength, high temperature silicone gasket maker, Can be used on metal, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber and most plastics. Able to replace a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt and metal gaskets. (6 per case)
  • Quick Roof Patch
    Black rubberized film coating for roofs and flashings. Coating stays flexible and is impervious to water. It will not freeze or crack in the cold, is abrasion resistant and won't peel off. Formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Quick and easy to use. (12 per case)
  • Quick Seal Clear
    Silicone sealer, caulk, and adhesive. Ideal for use wherever a strong, permanently elastic, weatherproof adhesive, sealant, or caulking is needed. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance and will not sag or shrink due to severe temperature extremes. Clear (6 per case)
  • Quick Seal White
    Silicone sealer, caulk, and adhesive. Ideal for use wherever a strong, permanently elastic, weatherproof adhesive, sealant, or caulking is needed. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance and will not sag or shrink due to severe temperature extremes. White (6 per case)
  • R.I.V.
    Red insulating varnish. This proven insulator spray with dielectric strength up to 1,000 volts per mil. and high arc resistant coating impregnates and insulates. Provides excellent adhesion to windings, coils and metals. Dries quickly protecting surface against oils, moisture, acids and alkalies. (6 per case)
  • Rustech II In-A-Can
    Corrosion control for rusted metals. Chemically neutralizes rust and leaves a tough, long-term, rust preventative coating. Seals, protects and prolongs the life of ferrous metal. Rusted areas turn into a black protective finish. (12 per case)
  • Stick It II
    Hi bond adhesive provides a combination of versatility and performance for the most demanding applications. Waterproof, flexible, and non-staining; this special product can be used for both temporary or permanent bonds. (12 per case)
  • Strip Off II
    Clinging paint stripper and decal remover. Its extra heavy-duty formula and powerful clinging gel blisters paint, lacquer, enamel, varnish, shellac, acrylic, decals and other coated finishes. Blistered paint can be easily scraped or flushed away with water. (12 per case)
  • Strong Arm II
    Engine degreaser. Safe alternative to using chlorinated solvents for degreasing and cleaning metal surfaces. Heavy flushing action quickly dissolves and removes grease, grime, asphalt, oil, and tar. (12 per case)
  • Tech Coat In-A-Can
    Release coating for snowplows, shovels and truck beds. Treated surfaces become water and rust resistant. The coating's superior release action and lubrication reduces drag and sticking of many materials to metal and other surfaces. (12 per case)
  • Welding Anti-Spatter
    Eliminates welding spatter marks from your work. No more grinding or chiseling to remove stubborn spatter. Simply spray work lightly before welding, then wipe spatter off with a dry rag. (12 per case)
  • Zink-Kote
    Pure zinc primer and base coat. Protects iron, steel or aluminum from corrosion when exposed to weather or otherwise corrosive conditions. If required, this product may be painted over. (P1) (12 per case)