Fuel Additives

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  • B-D Add
    Bio fuel additive. Highly concentrated fuel addivtive formulated for a broad range of bio-diesel and diesel fuel blends, which modifies was crystal formation at low temperatures to depress the pour point, minimizing the need for kerosene dilutions. Breaks up wax crystals and cleans injectors.
  • Diesel Cure
    A multi-functional, year-round diesel fuel conditioner. This product boosts cetane, cleans injectors, lowers pour and cloud points, and renders water harmless in the fuel system. Mix ratio of 1000:1.
  • Killem
    Fungicide and bactericide for use in fuel oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic fluids in marine environments
  • Red Alert
    Extreme temp diesel fuel de-icer. Highly concentrated formulation that is designed to keep water from freezing in fuel in order to keep trucks on the road. Use in addition to our Diesel Cure and Sure Flow during extremely low temperatures.
  • Refine
    A multi-functional product that can be used as a fuel conditioner for gas, diesel, natural gas and propane. Can also be used as an ethanol regulator and for flushing gum, sludge and varnish from engines, compressors and gear boxes
  • Sure Flow
    A concentrated diesel fuel flow additive specially formulated to break up wax crystals, which form during cold weather operation of diesel engines, enabling diesel fuel to flow through filters at very low temperatures. Cannot over heat.