Specialty Cleaners

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  • Citra Power
    Oven & Grill Cleaner. A simple, safe one step solution to removing baked on grease, grime and carbonized food from ovens, grills, barbecues and hoods. Sprays as a heavy foam that clings to vertical surfaces and extends cleaning time. (12 per case)
  • CitraKleen
    Citrus, all purpose cleaner. This high-foaming, nonflammable cleaner is especially formulated with ingredients that allow it to remain on vertical surfaces and remove dirt, smudges, grease and fingerprints. (12 per case)
  • Clean All
    A powerful, foaming, clinging cleaner that instantly attaches and loosens dirt, fingerprints, smudges, etc. from most any hard surface. (C1) (12 per case)
  • Dry Foam
    Upholstery/carpet shampoo and cleaner. The unique natural chemical system instantly deodorizes and dissolves embedded grime and organic matter while the bio-enzymatic activity begins breaking down the organic residue. (12 per case)
  • Dust-Off III
    Dry, moisture-free air duster. Contains no CFC's. Removes dust, dirt, lint and other airborne particles from electronics and other sensitive and delicate equipment.
  • Glass Shine Plus
    Non-streaking glass and surface cleaner that can be used on mirrors, windows, windshields and other glass surfaces. It will not streak, haze or smear. It is excellent for commercial and institutional glass and hard surface cleaning. (C1) (12 per case)
  • Glow
    Furniture polish with lemon oil. Produces a hard, dust-free protective finish on wood, metal, plastic and vinyl furniture. Also protects ceramics, and enameled and porcelain surfaces. Finger marks, smudges, grease marks, and stains are quickly removed. (12 per case)
  • Gran-Mar Cleaner
    Granite, marble, limestone & travertine cleaner. Biodegradable, easy-to-use spray foam cleaner & conditioner removes grease, food residue, and fingerprints. Restores brilliance to surfaces and dries streak free. Clean fresh fragrance. (12 per case)
  • Gum Lift
    Removes gum from tables, chairs, floors and other non-porous surfaces. A refrigerant freezes the gum, which releases the adhesions between the gum and surface. Contains no CFC's. (12 per case)
  • Mark-Off II
    This graffiti remover sprays on as a thick, powerful gel, which provides extended contact time by clinging to vertical surfaces and quickly dissolving vandalism marks. Removes marks from baked enamel, oil based painted surfaces, metal, tile, concrete, brick, stone, masonry and ceramic materials. (K1) (12 per case)
  • New Board
    Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaner. Light foam cleaner, safe for direct application onto slate and erasable white marker boards. Restores contrast and reduces chalk dusting and "fly away." Helps relieve eye strain. Removes marker shadow from marker boards. (12 per case)
  • New Life II
    All surface cleaner, polisher, duster & protector. This unique formula was developed to clean light soils, polish, and remove dust and eliminate smudges, smears and fingerprints on stainless steel, wood, plastic, laminate, marble, paneling and synthetics. (12 per case)
  • Non-Porous Surface Cleaner
    Alkaline hard-surface rejuvenator. This products' thick foam clings to vertical surfaces to prevent drips and runs and adds to contact cleaning time. It can be used on walls, tubs, tile, sinks, porcelain, metal, vinyl, synthetic leather, enamel or any other hard, non-porous surface. (12 per case)
  • Restore
    Protective coating and repellant for hard surfaces. Can be applied to tires, vinyl surfaces, luggage, cameras, airplanes, boats, plastics, etc. Odorless, colorless, non-flammable aerosol spray can be used to waterproof, block ultra violet rays, protect from dirt, and restore color. (12 per case)
  • Screen Kleen
    Cleaner, anti-fog and anti-stat for computer screens. This fast drying, non-streaking formulation reduces eye fatigue due to glare. And it contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals that could damage any transparent surfaces. (12 per case)
  • Solvent Spot Away
    All organic dry cleaner for carpet and upholstery.This powerful, fast-drying solvent quickly removes stains such as grease, oil, tar, grime, gunk, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, fresh paint, carbon paper, makeup and food stains from carpeting and fabrics. Nonflammable and non-ozone depleting. (12 per case)